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New Experiences at Summer Camp

Camp Cody Team 04/26/2017

It’s time to put away the schoolwork and get ready for summer! As they pull out their trunks and duffles and begin packing for overnight camp, campers are starting to feel the butterflies that accompany new adventures. They are packing their shorts, t-shirts, bug spray, and favorite blanket or stuffed animal to make the journey to someplace new. Their hearts are beating rapidly as they think about all the new, exciting possibilities that camp offers. Maybe they will get up on waterskiis for the first time, maybe they will meet a new lifelong friend or maybe, just maybe, they will learn something new about themselves!

No matter what happens, these kids know their answer to the question, “What did you do this summer?” is going be awesome because they tried something different and exciting, and are here to tell the tale!

– Jess Starkman

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