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The Perks of a Summer Camp in New Hampshire

Camp Cody Team 01/04/2023

Summertime is getting closer, and you’re looking for the perfect place to send your beloved child to summer camp. There are so many options—send them somewhere exotic but a little far like California. Or maybe keep them local and in-state? Or maybe somewhere in between? We might be biased, but we think summer camp in New Hampshire, the crown jewel of New England, is a great place. And once you read about these perks, we think you’ll agree!

  1. The Great Outdoors

New England is famous for its natural beauty, but New Hampshire has some of the best scenery in the entire country. The White Mountains are a beautiful backdrop to any camp, and they’re often covered in a combination of fascinating trees. Evergreens, maples, oaks, birches, and others create a rugged landscape while also offering shade to little kids. There are babbling brooks, running rivers, and even pristine ponds and lakes, all waiting for kids to enjoy.

At Camp Cody, we take full advantage of our location as a summer camp in New Hampshire. A huge part of our program takes place outside. This has many benefits for the kids, such as getting them fresh air and unstructured play time to come up with their own games in the wild. But we also use it as a means to explore nature and all the cool things happening in it. We take the campers to see the tracks of animals from squirrels to deer. We find plants growing in the forest, from mushrooms to wild berries. We show them how to build shelters and find water or food should they ever need it. 

In a world where kids are spending more and more time indoors and on screens, and our world is becoming more and more industrialized, summer camp in NH gives kids a unique perspective on how much fun summer can be without modern distractions. 

  1. Perfect Weather

Summertime in New Hampshire is truly the best weather. Summer in southern states can reach very hot temperatures, especially with humidity levels. Summer in the west, where everything is practically a desert, can be unsafe for campers. But nestled in the valleys of the White Mountains means that NH summer camps usually see much more temperate weather. 

Having temperate weather makes it easier to encourage kids to go outside. If it was too hot or too cold, they wouldn’t want to leave their cabins. Almost all of our camp activities involve being outside somehow. And if rain does pop up during the summer, we still have cabins and facilities to entertain kids with indoor fun. But in our opinion, a summer rainstorm can be just as much fun as a sunny day!

  1. Outdoor Activities

Being so close to the natural world allows New Hampshire summer camps to enjoy many activities not always possible in other parts of the country. For example, Camp Cody sits right on the edge of Ossipee Lake. This body of water and the sandy beaches allow our campers to not only swim but enjoy a myriad of activities, from kayaking to water skiing to tubing—to even scuba diving! We’re one of the few New England camps that has this signature activity, led by professionals with high-tech gear.

Our camp is made up of several acres, giving us plenty of space for traditional activities like soccer, baseball, and frisbee. But we also have the space for some more niche sports like golf and horseback riding, which require a significant amount of space. Camps closer to cities don’t usually have the luxury of wide open spaces for activities like that.

And of course, being in the woods allows our campers to enjoy special activities like woodland camping, wilderness survival skills, and outdoor cooking. Campers use the resources of the wild to learn and have fun, while being under the watchful eyes of our highly trained counselors. You won’t find anything like it anywhere else.  

Attend Camp Cody, a Summer Camp in New Hampshire

At Camp Cody, one of the best summer camp in New Hampshire, we take full advantage of our wonderful location to offer each camper every opportunity New England has to give. We’ve had campers come from all over the world, and they’ve all fallen in love with our summer home. 

Regardless of what age a camper joins us, we work hard to make them feel like part of the Cody family. We have even traveled around the country (and the world!) to meet some of our first-time campers to ensure we deliver the best possible summer camp experience. Register for Cody so your child can enjoy all the benefits of an NH summer camp this year!

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