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What Makes New England Summer Camps So Special?

Camp Cody Team 10/05/2021

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When you think about New England, images of pristine lakes, acres of untouched wilderness, and quaint towns likely come to mind.

The vast amount of nature, in particular, has made the region home to many outdoor adventure programs and summer camps. Read on to learn more about what makes New England summer camps so special that campers return year after year. 

Beautiful Scenery

Outdoor summer camps in New England are surrounded by natural beauty. The combination of evergreens and lush maples and oaks creates a stunning canopy that protects campers from the summer sun. Then there are the pristine lakes, where campers can participate in watersports on the sandy shore with the mountains as their backdrop.

The miles and miles of woods in New England create the perfect setting for summer camp and all the outdoor adventures that await.

Amazing Weather

Summer in New England also brings the perfect weather. The summer months, especially in the Northern states of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, bring warm sunny days and temperate nights.

For campers, there’s nothing better. The hot days are perfect for taking a dip in the cool lake or lounging in a hammock in the shade. Then, cooler nights are ideal for cuddling up in a sweatshirt and huddling around the campfire to make smores. The nice weather makes outdoor adventure programs in New England all the better.

Unique Activities

Due to the combination of amazing weather and miles of untouched nature, outdoor summer camps in New England are home to some unique activities. While classic camp fun like canoeing, campfires, and hiking are still highlights, you can also find thrilling excursions like ziplining, off-roading, inflatable water courses and more.

The vast amount of space means New England summer camps can offer a variety of activities, from arts and crafts in the outdoors to large obstacle courses woven through the wilderness. There’s truly something for every camper to enjoy, whether it’s an activity they are familiar with or discovering a new passion during their time at camp.

The Importance of Summer Camp

Summer camp is often the first time kids and teens experience what life away from home can be like. Through thrilling adventures, bonding activities, and daily routines, they grow and learn together under the guidance of counselors and senior staff.

When you send your child to a New England Summer Camp, you can have the peace of mind that they are experiencing personal growth and having fun in one of the best settings.

Camp Cody: A New England Summer Camp

Camp Cody offers some of the best New England outdoor adventure programs in the region. Located in scenic Freedom, New Hampshire, Camp Cody is the quintessential New England summer camp. The lakefront campus with a private waterfront is perfect for water sports and swimming while the surrounding natural beauty of the White Mountain National Forest means there’s also plenty to explore on land.

Get in touch with the team at Camp Cody today to learn more about the 2022 summer camp sessions available. 

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