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10 Tips to Prepare Your Child for Overnight Summer Camp in New Hampshire

Camp Cody Team 07/02/2020

Overnight camp is an incredible opportunity for children to spend the summer engaging in new activities and building self-confidence. In New Hampshire specifically, kids are immersed in nature like the gorgeous Ossipee Lake which is surrounded by tall pine trees. While New Hampshire offers a tranquil yet thrilling setting for summer camp, your child might have some anxiety about leaving home. If you can relate, read on for some handy tips and tricks to prepare your child for overnight summer camp in New Hampshire.

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  1. Have your child attend a sleepover – see if he/she is comfortable being away from home for one night before going off to an overnight camp.
  2. Pack a photo – a family photo or a photo with friends will help if homesickness occurs. Having a piece of home can be extremely comforting for a child. 
  3. Sign up for 1-2 weeks – don’t send your child to summer camp in New Hampshire for more than 1-2 weeks as anything longer could be much too long.
  4. Make the exit quick – drop off your child quickly and keep an upbeat attitude. If you stay for a while, it will be more difficult for your child to say goodbye.
  5. Discuss the activities offered – does your child fully understand what is offered at camp? By going through the activities, it will help your child get excited to leave home and try new things.
  6. Emphasize a “special experience” – rather than using the term “away from home”, let your child know they will be having a “special experience”.
  7. Discuss the use of a phone – many New Hampshire summer camps do not allow the use of a cell phone. See how often campers are allowed to call home but make sure you are not talking multiple times a day as this can worsen homesickness.
  8. Follow a packing list – your child will find comfort in knowing they have all the proper items packed. Be sure to follow the camp’s packing list so you can cover all your bases. 
  9. Talk with the counselors ahead of time – if your child is shy or anxious, talk with the summer camp counselors about this so they are fully aware. Your child will also feel at ease knowing they have ample support from the staff. 
  10. Share your own New Hampshire summer camp experiences – hearing from you about all the fun times you had at summer camp will go a long way! 

Join Our New Hampshire Summer Camp

At Camp Cody, we’re all about summer fun in New Hampshire. Our overnight summer camp overlooks the gorgeous Ossipee Lake where campers have an absolute blast engaging in a variety of water activities. Campers wake up in the morning and get to paddleboard, kayak, canoe, go sailing, snorkeling and more. We also have options for campers who like more team oriented sports such as baseball, tennis, flag football, and soccer.

Many parents find comfort in knowing we have a very deliberate bunk placement process. We always want to make sure that campers get along and have common interests. In fact, we’ve seen tons of friendships develop even after summer camp. Due to our close-knit atmosphere, kids rarely have trouble making friends as Camp Cody is all about having campers find common ground. 

Interested in learning more about our summer camp in New Hampshire? Contact our team today for further information.

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