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Qualities to Look for in an Overnight Summer Camp

Camp Cody Team 11/07/2020

Searching for a great overnight summer camp can be daunting for parents. There can be so much to consider when searching for the best overnight summer camp for your child. 

Should you choose a location close to home or further away? Would your child enjoy a single gender camp or a coed program? What programming will excite and stimulate your child?

Overnight summer camp is a wonderful opportunity for your child to learn new things, create lasting memories and make lifelong friends. Your child will be away from home for the summer, so the camp they attend should fit their individual needs. Here are some qualities to look for in a great overnight summer camp

A Diverse, Strong Community

When spending their summer away from home, children should attend an overnight camp that supports a diverse group of campers and fosters community. Campers can meet others from backgrounds different than their own. Camp Cody, an overnight summer camp in New Hampshire, encourages a tight knit community through understanding and communication.

Programming that Supports Different Interests

Summer camp is an opportunity for campers to explore new interests they may not be exposed to at school or at home. Keep an eye out for overnight camps with diverse programming that features your child’s hobbies and unexplored activities. Your sports fanatic might enjoy the slow pace and creativity of a ceramics class.

Active Learning Opportunities

Summer camps that include active learning opportunities are a great way for children to remain engaged in their education throughout the summer. Some overnight summer camps include academic opportunities along with activities such as kayaking, volleyball, and arts and crafts.

Healthy Meals

At sleepaway camp, your child will be served all of their meals by staff on site. Parents should do their research to ensure campers receive healthy and delicious meals and snacks. There should also be lots of options for campers with dietary restrictions, allergies or simple picky eaters! 

Safety and Medical Support

A safe environment should be the top priority for an overnight summer camp. A registered nurse should be onsite and available at all times for campers. And because accidents can happen at any time and anyplace, all staff members should be trained in first aid and CPR certified. 

Exciting Adventures in Nature

Summer camp is a great place for campers to step away from technology and screen time. Sleepaway camps with day trips off site give campers the opportunity to explore the surrounding area and make deeper connections with their peers.

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