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The Best Questions to Ask When Choosing an Overnight Summer Camp

Camp Cody Team 11/13/2020

If you’ve been browsing coed summer camps in New Hampshire and have narrowed down your list, it’s time to do some thorough research. While it’s important to utilize brochures and social media along with virtual tours, there’s a number of other things you should look into before sending your child off to an overnight summer camp.

Camp Accreditation

The first question you should be asking is, “Is the summer camp accredited?” A camp must be up to industry standards for safety, programs, and health. These standards include ensuring the food is prepared properly and the Director’s background is solid. Once every three years a representative from the ACA will observe the camp to make sure it’s compliant.

Summer Camp Staff

Research the staff and ask the Camp Director about staff training. Do they have any certifications? What is the retention? What’s the average age of the camp counselors? What is the camper to counselor ratio?


You’ve probably already discovered the activities offered at camp but see what the schedule is like. Will your child get a few hours on the court? Just one day? A few days? Are the activities coed? How many activities can your child choose from? You’ll also want to find out about the coaches and what kind of training they’ve had.

Health & Safety

Healthy and safety are a parents #1 concern. Check to see if there is a nurse on-site and if the staff has been trained in CPR. Does the camp accommodate children with food allergies? Can special accommodations be made? See what the camp does in the event of an emergency.


If you’re worried your child might get homesick, check in with the camp to see how they handle this. Will the camp call you immediately? Do they have camp counselors that can handle this?

Join Our Coed Overnight Summer Camp

Camp Cody is situated along the beautiful Ossipee Lake in Freedom, NH. We were established in 1926 and have a reputation in the area for offering a family-like atmosphere. All of our staff are fully trained and certified and we have a lifeguard on duty for all swim activities. Along with this, we have an on-site nurse who can tend to any medical emergency.

Our cafeteria also accommodates children with food allergies and dietary restrictions whether it’s a gluten allergy or peanut allergy, and we offer vegetarian and vegan options as well. Camp Cody is also ACA accredited so you can feel comfortable sending your child off to camp!

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