Coed summer camp

What to Expect at a Coed Summer Camp

Camp Cody Team 11/07/2020

Sleepaway camp is a transformative experience for children who spend their summers away from home. Campers form lasting memories and connections with the friends they make. They also learn to stick to a scheduled routine, and they build confidence and independence in their time away from home. Campers also get a needed break from screens and electronics!

Parents face the decision of choosing between a coed summer camp or a single gender program for their children. Coed sleepaway camps like Camp Cody offer great advantages on top of the regular perks associated with sleepaway summer camp.

Coed Summer Camp Better Mimics the Real World

Campers find themselves in coed situations regularly in their everyday lives. With coed programming at camp, campers of either gender can experience healthy social interaction and relate to the opposite gender. These are important lessons for our campers to use once they leave the retreat that overnight summer camp can be.

Learn Important Communication Skills

At summer camp, communication skills are an important part of our activities. Our staff understands that campers of both sexes should learn to express themselves and build trusting relationships. Campers also learn to problem solve and to work with others through team-based programming. Campers at coed summer camps build a strong set of communication skills that they can use at camp and at home.

Wide Range of Activities Available

Coed camps provide programming catered to both boys and girls. Girls can choose to participate in activities traditionally reserved for boys, such as woodworking. Boys can elect to try dance, drama, or jewelry design. These summer camp activities are not available at all single gender camps.

Great Fit for Families With a Son and Daughter

For families with a son and daughter, coed sleepaway camps are a convenient destination for the summer. Parents can simplify their hectic schedules by sending their children to the same camp. Siblings can enjoy their summer together and make great family memories.

Increase Emotional Intelligence

Spending quality time with campers of different genders helps children build emotional intelligence. Children show empathy for others by understanding the similarities and differences of other genders. Campers learn care and compassion from the experiences they share at Camp Cody.

Build Lasting Friendships

The memories campers make during their time away from home are a great foundation for long-lasting friendships. Campers of all genders can make new friends as they bond over time away from home. A coed camp provides a diversity in campers and personalities not always found at a single-gender camp!


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