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Should My Child Attend An Out-of-State Summer Camp?

Camp Cody Team 01/07/2021

At Camp Cody, we welcome campers from all over the country! Each year we see more and more kids start their summer camp journey from other states. If your child is new to summer camp, it may seem easier to send him/her to a nearby day camp but there are numerous benefits to joining an out-of-state summer camp.

Kids Make New Friends

When joining an out-of-state summer camp kids won’t run into anyone from their hometown. This means they have to break out of their shell and meet new people. Kids grow their circle of friends because they aren’t in cliques. When children go to a local day camp they are typically there with their friends so they don’t branch out and meet new campers.

Explore a Completely New Area

Visiting a new area of the country helps children to expand their horizons. New Hampshire in particular is a great place for kids as they can immerse themselves from nature and unplug for the summer. There’s the gorgeous White Mountains, Ossipee Lake, and outdoor adventure centers which offer ziplining and ropes courses.

Camp Directors, Staff & an On-Site Nurse

Just like day camp, out-of-state camps have skilled and trained staff members who have years of experience. Each staff member undergoes regular training, a thorough background check and certifications. When choosing an out-of-state summer camp, look at the camp directors’ experience and the overall quality of the camp. It’s smart to choose a camp with a nurse on-site who is readily available and committed to the well-being of the camp. Once you find an out-of-state camp where the programs, staff and philosophy are in line with your needs, it won’t matter how far the camp is.

Consider Camp Cody for Summer Camp

Camp Cody is situated in Freedom, NH near the White Mountains and the crystal clear Lake Ossipee. Offering summer camp activities like basketball, football, cooking, arts and crafts, kayaking, sailing and so much more, campers get to spend every day having a blast outside. We provide campers with cozy bunks where they can spend the evening playing games and getting to know each other. Staff members enjoy hanging out with the campers and walking them through the day-to-day activities. In fact, many campers become friends with their counselors and see them as role models. We truly have a family-like atmosphere at Camp Cody!

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