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How Kids Can Stay Active at Home

Camp Cody Team 01/07/2021

With both the winter and pandemic, many families are stuck at home until the warm weather approaches. While kids are waiting for summer camp to start there is plenty of for them to do to stay active even during this unprecedented time. With many classrooms going virtual, it’s especially important now more than ever for kids to get moving. Our team has put together some helpful tips for kids and families to stay active this winter.

Exercise for 30 Minutes

Taking a break throughout the day to move around and get blood flowing is crucial. At a minimum, kids should be active for 30 minutes per day whether it’s going for a walk, a light jog, or playing sports in the backyard. Any amount of exercise is helpful for children as it allows them relax and focus for when they go back to the virtual classroom. Some major health benefits of exercise include:

  • Decrease the risk of becoming overweight
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Stronger muscles and bones

Parents should encourage children to get exercise so they can improve their flexibility, strength and endurance.

Try New Activities

Staying in the same routine everyday can be very daunting for children. At camp, each day is different and campers have an assortment of options when it comes to their daily activities. With quarantine in effect, everyone has ample time to delve into new activities and fitness regimens. We do recommend that at least two days a week be dedicated to a high intensity activity and other days can be filled with restorative exercises such as yoga.

Create a Game

Running outside, doing push ups or jumping jacks can get old quick. Creating an exciting exercise game that the whole family can get in on would not only encourage everyone to get moving but it provides the family with some time to bond. Kids will be more willing to exercise when it’s turned into a game. Consider games like who can do the most push ups, playing a game of basketball, or see who can do the most volleys.

Try a 60-Day Challenge

Set goals over an extended period of time so kids stay active over the next couple of months. Although many 60-day challenges are focused on weight loss, you can switch this up by working on strength training, flexibility or even who can do the most squats.

We Hope to See You Next Summer

Camp Cody is filled with a variety of summer camp activities including paddleboarding, kayaking, flag football, archery, soccer, canoeing, cooking and so much more. We’re always keeping kids active but they also have ample time to rest and unwind. At Camp Cody, we’re all about creating an open environment where campers can build friendships, gain new skills and learn about themselves.

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