Brooklyn, NY

Connection to Camp

3 Years • Cody Camper


I knew I wanted to come to Camp Cody when I dropped off my sister for her first year and saw how great it looked. During my first summer, my best memory is when we did the Polar Bear Plunge. We woke up at 6 a.m. and got to jump off the docks at the swim pier into the freezing cold water! I made me wake up in such a fun way and then we got hot chocolate afterwards which made me really happy. I was in a smaller cabin, so I became really close will all of my friends and there are three of them that I’ve been with for the past few years. I really liked the activities that we had together like laser tag and water sports, and I also really liked biking and drama. I was really worried that I would feel homesick my first year but I really wasn’t at all and I had tons of fun!