Bedford, MA

Connection to Camp

6 Years • Cody Camper


Relationship: Mother to Natalizio Children – Alex (Senior), Mia (CIT & Counselor), Leo (Junior)

It’s amazing to think about how quickly the years go by and that my 3 kids have made lifelong friends over many summers at Camp Cody, and have built memories they will treasure forever. My kids begin the exciting countdown to 4th session at Cody the day school ends! (and start begging to go for a longer time too!).

One thing that has impressed me over the last 6 years is the passion every employee at Camp Cody has; for the kids, the activities, for the overall experience delivered. Even when something is a challenge (like my youngest being an extremely picky eater :)), it is handled the best way possible. Oh, and the Facebook posts and photos are one of the best things ever, I know exactly how my kids are doing because I get to see their faces constantly via Phil’s posts. And I know the happiness they exude is real! The year round communication and attention to detail is very impressive as well. We feel like family!

Each year of the last 6, at least one of my kids has been a junior, inter, senior, junior counselor and this past year, a full counselor. We’ve pretty much experienced it all at Camp Cody… and keep coming back!

Thank you Phil, Sheri and everyone at Camp Cody for making my kids’ summers unforgettable!