Southport, CT

Connection to Camp

6 Years • Cody Parent


Relationship: Mother to Olivia Paige (camper, CIT, JC, counselor)

If I could describe Camp Cody in three words, they would be “We love you!”

Camp Cody has made my Daughter reach a potential that she didn’t even know she had. From the very first day as a junior camper, she was engaged and having fun. The counselors were not only welcoming with smiles and encouragement, but were sincere with interest in watching their campers open up to their new environment and grow.

Olivia went from a 2 week camper, to a 3 week camper, to a 4 week camper all in her first summer! Eleven years later, she has had the experience of becoming a CIT, JC and a counselor and all of her experiences at Camp Cody have been exceptional. She now has friends from all around the world, the ability to communicate and socialize with anyone, and most importantly, a positive outlook on everything she does.

Philip and Sheri have become her second set of parents and the leadership team has become her second family, mentoring her all the way through college. They keep in touch throughout the year and consistently remind her of her abilities and send good intentions for all of her aspirations and future endeavors.

We always ask the question, If you could do it all over again, would you? Absolutely, just sooner!