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Summer Camp Moments: How the Smallest Choices We Make Can Have the Biggest Impact

Camp Cody Team 10/29/2021

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For many campers, summer camp is made up of many large milestones. From the first time being away from home longer than a weekend and learning new passions to getting a taste of what it means to be a leader, these big summer camp moments often become memories that will last a lifetime.

However, the little moments also have their place. While summer camp can feel go-go-go, what happens during downtime can be equally impactful as these big moments. Read on to learn about how small summer camp moments can have a large effect on a camper’s experience.

Creating New Camp Traditions

Camp traditions play an important role in the overall summer camp experience. And while there’s something comforting about returning to camp summer after summer and knowing what to expect, there are plenty of chances for campers to leave a lasting impact during their time and have a hand in new camp traditions.

Maybe a camper shared their favorite song or game with their cabin that became popular overnight. Or perhaps they recommended a new craft or way to enhance a team bonding activity that quickly becomes ingrained in the camp culture. No matter the case, these small changes can be the start of new camp traditions that will be passed down for summers to come.

Gaining Confidence Through Activities

Gaining confidence happens throughout a camper’s time at summer camp, including during the small moments. Through various summer camp activities, campers have the opportunity to try new things in a safe, supportive environment while being cheered on by staff, counselors, and their peers.

Something as small as hitting a home run in a kickball tournament can boost a camper’s confidence exponentially. Even though it’s not a championship game or overly competitive, this small moment can show a camper that they are capable of more than they know and give them the confidence to continue trying new things. 

Making Lifelong Friends

Summer camp friendships are some of the longest-lasting. Much of this is because camps create the perfect environment for friendships to flourish. And while summer camp activities and icebreakers help to facilitate these relationships, friendships more often than not begin due to the small moments at summer camp.

From sharing snacks to swapping stories late at night, these little moments can be the start of a lifelong friendship and teach campers valuable lessons about what it means to be a friend through thick and thin.

About Camp Cody

At Camp Cody, we have seen firsthand how the small summer camp moments can help campers make lifelong memories. Our counselors are dedicated to making sure your child is enjoying their time at camp, both during big activities and events and the small moments in between.

We always gently encourage our campers to step out of their comfort zone at their own pace and give them opportunities to share their feelings and join in on activities together to make a lasting impact at camp.


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