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Surprising Ways Overnight Summer Camp Helps Kids Become More Resilient

Camp Cody Team 10/23/2020

Summer camp is an absolute blast for both outgoing and shy children, young kids and teenagers. One of the best things about overnight summer camp is its ability to make kids more resilient. From time management to meeting kids of other backgrounds to learning how to ask for help, there’s a tremendous amount of life lessons learned at summer camp. Let’s explore all the ways that summer camp teaches resiliency.

Children Build Confidence: Children may feel reluctant to try something new especially if it’s something that might seem terrifying. Feeling judged by others is also a major concern in children and preteens. It can be difficult seeing others who are faster at running or swimming or who don’t have a fear of heights. At summer camp, kids realize that no one is judging them! They don’t compare themselves and have a huge amount of support from both peers and counselors. Over time, kids begin to challenge themselves by participating in things that may seem difficult. This leads them to become much more confident as they start realizing they can overcome anything.

Connections: Not only do kids connect with like-minded individuals at overnight summer camp but they make friends from across the globe. Meeting children with different backgrounds and cultures opens their eyes to the world, allowing them to understand how other people live. Campers also connect with counselors who have a monumental influence on kids over the summer. This is a great way for kids to start connecting with adults who have excellent morals and can teach them new activities. Lastly, kids connect with nature which means they learn to unplug from electronics and connect to the environment.

Sense of Identity: Being away from home helps kids become more independent and form a sense of identity.  As they grow more resilient, the opinions of others start to fade away and kids figure out who they are. Summer camp helps with this by encouraging kids to try new activities,  meet new people, and live life without judgement.

Succeed and Fail: Shying away from things we can potentially fail at is part of human nature. Some coaches and teachers can make failure seem like a bad thing but at summer camp, kids understand that failing is growing. This is one of the most valuable lessons learned at camp – success isn’t everything. It is okay to make mistakes.

Take Risks: How will we know what we are capable of if we don’t take risks? Whether it’s ziplining for the first time, trying out stand up paddleboarding or joining a flag football game, summer camp is all about taking risks. Taking risks is integral to everything listed above –  gaining a sense of self, building connections, succeeding and failing, and building confidence. While some kids may not be taking risks when it comes to physical activities, they are joining in group activities and breaking out of their shell which can seem like a risk. Of course, these are risks worth taking!

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Camp counselors play a major role at Camp Cody, helping kids develop and find themselves. We do a vigorous background check and in-depth training, ensuring every counselor is prepared for summer camp. Camp counselors are also CPR certified and we have nurses on-site who are available 24/7.  Our staff is dedicated to helping kids discover themselves and become more independent while having  fun in a safe and nurturing environment.

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