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The Importance of Downtime at Summer Camp

Camp Cody Team 10/28/2020

If you’ve ever attended summer camp or you have a child who has been to camp, you’re probably aware of how busy campers’ schedules can be. As campers move from activity to activity throughout the day they’re filled with excitement as they get to meet other campers and learn new skills. However, it’s important for kids to have downtime so they can unwind and reflect on the day. We’ve provided some important reasons why kids should have downtime at summer camp.

De-stress: One of the most important reasons why kids should have downtime is to de-stress. Even though summer camp is far from a stressful environment, kids can get anxiety if they’re not used to certain activities or being away from home for long stretches of time. Allowing kids to sit back and gather their thoughts will help them better cope with any stress that may be developing. This also helps kids from lashing out later if they start to feel tense.

Coping with Boredom: You’ve probably heard from your little one, “I’m bored,” even when they’re surrounded by toys and games. Kids tend to get bored much more easily than adults. Keep in mind that this isn’t a bad thing. Letting kids feel bored will actually help them deal with that boredom in a creative way. When kids feel bored their imagination starts to run wild and they use that time to entertain themselves.

Learn Patience: Being patient can be a challenge even for adults but when kids have downtime they’re ultimately learning the value of patience. At summer camp specifically, kids will learn to patiently wait between activities and they’ll learn that they don’t need to be constantly moving from one activity to the next.

Engage with Other Children: During downtime, kids can play independently or spend their time getting to know other kids. While many friendships are formed in the bunks or during sports, many bonds are formed when nothing is going on. Kids start to make conversation and break out of their shells when they aren’t told to do ice breakers or meet with other campers.

Camp Cody: New Hampshire’s Best Summer Camp

At Camp Cody, we understand that kids value their downtime which is why they have plenty of time to hang out, relax and mingle at our NH summer camp. Along with this, campers swap stories and play games every night in their bunk before bed. As a camp that’s been in business for decades, we’ve figured out how to provide campers with both time for activities and time to unwind. When campers aren’t playing tennis, sailing, shooting hoops or dabbling in crafts, they’re lounging around and taking it easy! It’s been our goal to create a safe and nurturing environment for kids to be themselves and learn new skills while taking a break from the busy school year.

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