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The Importance of Sports at Summer Camp

Camp Cody Team 02/26/2021

With technology rapidly evolving, many summer camps are introducing programs and activities to keep up, however, sports will always remain an integral part of summer camp. Sports allow children to push their boundaries, learn about teamwork and take direction from coaches.

Some ways in which summer campers grow from sports include:

  • They learn how to strive for improvement
  • They understand it’s okay to lose
  • They become more resilient
  • They form connections with other kids

Let’s Talk About Failure

We mentioned in the bullet point above that kids understand that it is okay to lose. Failure is actually a stepping stone to success! Whether campers miss a basket, don’t make the goal, or strike out during baseball, they’re learning that it is okay to fail. Coaches and counselors are there to help improve their performance so they can be successful next time they’re at the plate, in front of a goal or a basket.

Healthy Competition

Life is filled with competition, whether it’s to get into college, land a job, or get a promotion. At summer camp, kids are introduced to competition through sports where they are able to navigate the challenges that people are often faced with when it comes to competition. Campers undoubtedly become more resilient and understand perseverance – two things they can carry with them through life.

Free Play Promotes Creativity

During the day campers can lounge around or create their own games. Through unstructured play, kids can make up games, practice pitching, play home run derby, and get creative with the sports equipment. Campers can organize their own teams, become leaders, learn about problem solving, and set rules.

Sports Programs at Camp Cody

Situated in Freedom, NH, Camp Cody sits along beautiful Ossipee Lake where campers can delve into a wide range of water sports. Along with this, Camp Cody has several fields and courts available for kids to engage in sports including tennis, basketball, baseball, flag football, lacrosse, hockey, archery and more.

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