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Top 5 Summer Camp Activities for Young Kids

Camp Cody Team 11/27/2020

Summer camp activities are designed to help kids break out of their shell, make new friends, learn teamwork, and perseverance. Some activities are perfect for older children looking to test their strength or overcome their fears while other activities are ideal for younger kids to improve their communication skills. Either way you slice it, summer camp is all about fun. If your little one is ready to venture off to summer camp but you’re unsure of which activities will be best, our expert summer camp staff has put a list together of some of the best summer camp activities for young kids.


Learning to swim at a young age has many advantages and if your kid is new to swimming or they are already a pro, swimming at camp is an absolute blast. It’s also safe because there is always a lifeguard on duty.


Cooking brings people together whether it’s for a fun night in with friends or a family gathering, food is something everyone can enjoy together. Kids can get in on the fun too! Learning the basics, safety precautions, cutting techniques, and how to measure properly are all the first steps when it comes to baking and cooking. At summer camp, kids are learning together and they get to sit back, relax and indulge in their creations.

Arts & Crafts

Shy children loves arts and crafts as it allows them to work independently while also sitting next to like minded peers. Kids tend to loosen up while painting, coloring, and drawing, and as they do this, they open up to other children. Arts and crafts time is where many kids make friends and break out of their shells. This is also a great way for campers to calm their nerves and tap into their creative side.


Gymnastics is one of the best ways to increase flexibility and improve muscle strength. Young kids often gravitate toward gymnastics as they have a ton of energy and want to try out something new. While it takes intensive training and perseverance, children become more and more motivated as they work toward their goals.


Dance classes are perfect for both boys and girls. Kids can try a wide range of dances including jazz, lyrical, ballet, tap, hip hop, and so much more. Dance helps kids with balance, coordination, memory, and following directions. It’s also a wonderful way for children to express themselves and work with others.

Join Us at Camp Cody

At Camp Cody, we offer summer camp opportunities for ages 7-16! Kids can choose from a variety of activities such as standup paddleboarding, kayaking, sailing, tennis, golf, gymnastics, dance, cooking, arts and crafts, and so much more. Located in Freedom, NH, we’re centrally located near the beautiful White Mountains where we often take campers on picturesque hikes. Along with this, our camp overlooks Ossipee Lake which sets a beautiful scene for sunsets.

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