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How Summer Camp Changes Lives in a Positive Way

Camp Cody Team 11/21/2020

With schools closed and class out of session, it can be hard to find ways to occupy your child’s time. Summer camp remains a great option to keep your child’s brains stimulated, and it provides a structured schedule during the months off. 

Summer camp can also provide learning opportunities for campers to take back with them to their life at home. The connections made and lessons learned at camp can change campers lives in a positive way once the summer is over.

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Meet People from Different Places

At summer camp, your child will get the opportunity to meet new people and make friends from different places. Depending on whether the camp you choose is local or further away, your child can make friends with campers from other schools, cities, states and even other countries! 

Exposing children to those with different backgrounds can teach campers to build empathy and understanding for others. Living and working with a diverse community is an extremely important life skill for your camper to take home with them. 

Independence Away from Home

At overnight summer camps like Camp Cody, campers learn to be truly independent away from home. Without their parents around, campers make decisions independently every day. Campers gain self-confidence as they learn to operate with this new freedom, and they can identify their strengths and weaknesses in decision making. 

Campers have autonomy over their belongings and are responsible for communicating their own needs at sleepaway summer camps. They can also take manageable risks and step out of their comfort zone in a safe environment.

Break from Electronics

Summer camp is a technology free zone. At home, there are so many distractions from screens and devices. Camp is an opportunity for your child to operate device free – no phones, tablets, computers or television. Functioning without the distractions of technology is a life changing lesson for campers. 

Campers spend their time outside, and they learn new skills and hobbies they can bring back home once camp ends. They also learn how to sit and be comfortable with their own thoughts. There are few other opportunities to remove these distractions like summer camp.

Connect with Nature

There is nowhere like summer camp for children to slow down and take a much needed break. The constant carousel of school, commitments and distractions is paused for a moment, and campers can relax and enjoy time in nature. Children are able to spend time outdoors instead of cooped up inside. Campers can run, hike, swim and soak up some Vitamin D! Time in nature spurs children’s imaginations and encourages healthy habits they can continue at home.

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