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Conflict Resolution Strategies for Summer Camp Counselors

Camp Cody Team 11/27/2020

Although summer camp is a complete blast for both counselors and campers alike, once and while conflict can arise. However, conflict doesn’t mean arguing and screaming. Conflict can be anything from needing help with a schedule to issues with registration. Whatever the case may be, camp counselors are equipped to handle it all and they have a significant amount of training each summer. Let’s go over some common conflicts at summer camp and strategies camp counselors use to resolve these.

Issues with Scheduling: Children, especially new campers, might be confused about their schedule and the location of each activity. In order to answer questions, camp counselors should have schedules and programs printed out that they keep on hand. Additionally, weekly staff meetings should be held so counselors can go over common problems that arise regarding scheduling. This also allows camp counselors to work on what should be included or removed from future schedules.

Conflicting Personalities: Sometimes kids can clash with one another, staff members might not see eye-to-eye, or kids and staff may have completely different personalities which makes it difficult to get along. Camp counselors can help everyone work respectfully with one another and set up protocols in the event of the conflict getting worse. Sometimes if personalities are too conflicting, it’s best to separate the two and have them at different activities.

Limited Resources: On occasion, conflict can occur between camp counselors and other staff members about resources at summer camp. It’s important to keep in mind that these are problems between administration which means this needs to be resolved at the staff level. Although campers can let you know which programs and activities they enjoy, it’s up to the camp staff to remedy the situation. Having regular meetings where the entire staff can openly share input will go a long way. Even chatting once camp is over will help bring counselors and staff members closer together.

Disciplinary Action: Camp counselors may disagree about what course of action to take when kids are acting up. Most camps have a structure in place so counselors can follow guidelines. Not only could counselors disagree with when to discipline a camper but campers could also disagree with the punishment they’ve received. Camp counselors should be mindful of all the differing opinions and listen to everyone even so each and every person has a voice. Explaining to the camper why they were disciplined will go a long way rather than ignoring them. This also holds true when other camp counselors have different views as well.

At Camp Cody, our talented camp counselors go through intensive training and get certifications so campers feel safe and comfortable. Most camp counselors return each summer which creates a family-like atmosphere. They bond with new and returning campers each year and grow close with other counselors. We make sure that staff members go through a rigorous background check and several rounds of interviews.



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