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What Should I Look for in a New Hampshire Summer Camp?

Camp Cody Team 07/14/2020

If you’ve decided to send your child to summer camp but are having a difficult time making a decision on which camp to sign up to, use our handy guide to help get some answers. We’ll walk you through the ins and outs of a New Hampshire summer camp as well as questions you should be asking.

What to Look for When Choosing Your Summer Camp

What Activities Does the Camp Offer?

Are you look for a sports only camp or perhaps you’re looking for more of an educational camp? First you’ll want to determine if you’re looking for a summer camp that’s only focused on one activity or if you’d like there to be an array of options. New Hampshire is home to some of the best lakes, ponds, beaches, mountains, and hiking trails in the Northeast which means there’s a myriad of things kids can do. Kids that love nature and want to dabble in a bunch of activities tend to gravitate toward a summer camp that offers different sports, arts and crafts, and water activities.

What are the Reviews Like?

Reviews are huge when it comes to any product, service or business and this holds true for summer camp. Check out the Google My Business and Facebook page to see what other parents are saying.

When Was the New Hampshire Summer Camp Established?

You’ll want to choose a reputable summer camp that’s been around for a while. This is a clear indication that they’re one of the best. Newer camps may still be figuring things out which can be quite stressful. An established New Hampshire summer camp also has the same camp counselors year after year which means counselors have established a friendship with one another and close bonds with campers.

Is there a Nurse on Campus?

Having a nurse or medical staff on campus is especially important if you’re sending your child to overnight summer camp. Check in with the Camp Director to see if there is someone on duty to help in the event of an emergency. Some New Hampshire summer camps have a doctor visit every so often, so it’s important to ask how the camp prepares for emergencies. Smaller issues like scrapes and cuts can be taken care of by camp counselors but getting sick, feeling dizzy, or rolling an ankle require a professional. Kids are constantly running around and playing at camp which is why it’s crucial that the camp is thoroughly prepared for any and all situations.

How Does the Camp Handle Homesickness?

Every summer camp experiences a camper with homesickness. Ask the Camp Director how the staff members are trained for these situations especially if your child is nervous for camp. You’ll want to find out the counselor to camper ratio before signing your child up for camp. Knowing counselors work with a few kids can really give you peace of mind as your child won’t feel like just a number.

Learn About Our New Hampshire Summer Camp

Located in Freedom, NH, Camp Cody is a co-ed overnight summer camp offering a variety of activities for children and teens ages 7-17. Some of the activities offered at our camp include:

  • Kayaking
  • Windsurfing
  • Basketball
  • Arts & Crats
  • Volley
  • Hockey
  • Track and Field
  • Wakeboarding
  • Stand Up Paddleboard

We also have a newly built health center and a nurse who lives on-site. All staff members at Camp Cody are also first aid trained and CPR certified through the American Red Cross. Request a brochure of our New Hampshire summer camp!

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