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What to Expect at Summer Camp

Camp Cody Team 01/02/2021

Summer camp is one of the best time’s in a child’s life as they gain independence, build new friendships and learn skills they may have not discovered at home. New Hampshire offers the perfect setting for summer camp as there are tons of mountains for hiking, lakes and ponds for water activities and nearby cities to explore. If your child has never attended summer camp you might be wondering what the day to day is like as well as bunk life, food and staff experience. We’ve put together a list of information to help you feel at ease! Read on to learn what your child can expect at summer camp.

Bunk Life

Campers are placed into bunks where they’ll be spending some but not all of their time. A camp counselor will also be in the bunk so campers feel safe and can ask questions at any time. Each camper is expected to keep their space nice and tidy. Campers spend evenings here, lounging around and playing games. Often times, friendships are formed in the cabins.

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There are numerous activities at summer camp ranging from adventurous to low key to creative. Kids can choose from activities like stand up paddleboarding, cooking, arts and crafts, wakeboarding, snorkeling, flag football, soccer, tennis, and so much more. Throughout the day kids will be moving from activity to activity where they’ll meet other campers and challenge themselves in the best way possible. Of course, there is plenty of time for relaxing!

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On-Site Nurse

At Camp Cody, there is a health center with an on-site nurse who is always at the ready to help out. If kids feel sick or just need someone to talk to they can head right over to the health center.

Food at Camp

Our summer camp has snacks and drinks available all day so kids can pop in and grab a treat. We are also aware that some kids have food allergies which is why we run a nut-free facility! Along with this we cater to children with other food allergies and dietary restrictions such as vegan or vegetarian. Fresh fruits and veggies are served daily along with sandwiches. There are tons of food choices at Camp Cody!

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Summer Camp Staff

The staff at Camp Cody have years of experience providing kids with an unbelievable summer. Each staff member has been thoroughly trained and has CPR certifications. We make sure to do thorough background checks as well.

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If you have other questions regarding Camp Cody, feel free to fill out our contact form or give us a call at (603) 539 – 4997.

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