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Why Returning to Summer Camp is Important

Camp Cody Team 11/08/2022

While it’s definitely not summer now, the warm season will be here before you know it—and now is the perfect time to think about how you want your child to spend their next summer. Maybe you’ve sent your child to a camp like Camp Cody before, or maybe they’ve never gone. Maybe you’re wondering, why send my kid to camp? Or why send my kid back to camp? Here are just a few compelling reasons why:

New Opportunities

The special skills that camp activities teach are just one of the bonuses of why camp is important for children. Summer camps are more specialized now. You can send your child to a camp that only does sports, or only does performing arts, or focuses on the outdoors, or something entirely different. Some even offer flying trapeze as an activity! Or you could send them to a camp that touches all of these categories.

You know how much energy kids have, and after being cooped up inside in the winter, they need an outlet to release that energy. At camp they can continue refining a skill they already have, or they can try something new. Campers learn from professionals in a safe environment. And they might come home with a new passion or sense of purpose—plus lots of stories about the fun things they did. Your kids will grow a sense of independence and confidence being off at camp by themselves.

Teachable Moments

Another reason why summer camp is important is that it’s full of teachable moments. As parents, we want to protect our children from things that make them uncomfortable or sad. But the world won’t be as kind as we are. At home, it’s easy to get stuck in our comfort zone. But we grow the most when we’re pushed out of it.

Camp is a safe learning environment for your camper to learn things like conflict resolution and emotional regulation. It can gently push them to grow, especially if they’ve never been to camp before. They’ll have the support of their fellow campers and counselors to help them when they encounter difficulties. But they’ll become stronger and more resilient because of it.

Another teachable moment that camp will present is the lack of digital technology—most camps are device-free. But this will be a good thing in the long run for your camper to unplug. It will show them the benefits of human interaction and performing hands-on activities in the real world, far away from screens.

Promote Social & Emotional Learning

Camp is a new place with new people—perfect for learning how to build and maintain relationships. It’s a different kind of setting than what kids are used to. They will be living, eating, working, and playing with kids they’ve never met, and all in the same cabin. They’ll meet kids from new places and different backgrounds. It’s the perfect place to make new friends, or learn how to be a better friend.

Camp will teach your kids how to have good conversations, how to be kind to others, how to show appreciation for others, and how to reconcile with others. They might feel some strong emotions they’ve never felt before. But they’ll also have the opportunity to appropriately express these emotions to their counselors and work through them instead of just lashing out.  

It Benefits Parents Too

Summer camp isn’t just a getaway for the kids—it’s a break for the parents too. During quarantine, kids were stuck inside all the time with their parents. You yourself probably remember the chaos and stress that came from being stuck inside under one roof altogether. As much as we love our families, we all need a break sometimes.

Camp is one of the most secure ways to give yourself and your child some much-needed space. Camps like Cody have robust safety and security policies, so you can rest assured your child is in good hands. If they go to sleepaway camp, you won’t have to drop them off or pick them up every day. And when they return, you may find your relationship stronger after some time apart.

Send Your Child to Camp Cody

Are you still wondering “why should I send my kid back to summer camp?” These are just a few of the many benefits both you and your child will stand to gain from summer at camp. Learn more about Camp Cody and all we have to offer you and your family! 

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