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Why the Friendships We Make at Camp Last a Lifetime

Camp Cody Team 08/27/2021

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Friendships of any kind are integral to a child’s social and emotional development, but there is just something so uniquely wonderful about the friendships we make at camp. Read on to explore our take on why the friendships we make as camp last a lifetime.  

They Get to Know Your True Self

At Camp Cody, our campers are with others pretty much 24/7 — whether they’re in their bunks with their bunkmates and counselors, or out exploring and participating in activities throughout the camp — there’s always going to be another camper or counselor by their side. This allows friendships to cultivate and flourish for the right reasons. In school or in extracurriculars during the year, children may feel the pressure to put on a facade and be the person people expect them to be in those settings — but at Camp Cody, there’s no room for masks. Our campers get to know each other’s true self while they explore their own individuality. 

Share Common Interests

At school, children may find themselves friends with others due to circumstances. There may be a limited number of students in the school, little opportunity to bond with children in other classes, amongst a multitude of other reasons. But when at camp, children are (usually) there because they love the focus of the camp whether it’s simply outdoor activities or a more specialized program. 

Like most summer camps, Camp Cody offers electives or breakout groups where children can choose to participate in activities that really interest them. What makes Cody special though is the sheer amount of summer camp activities that we offer! From waterfront activities like canoeing, wakeboarding, and waterskiing, to sports like basketball, baseball, and lacrosse, to arts such as woodworking, ceramics, and dance, the options are plentiful! Campers are bound to make friends from different walks of life who share the same interests as them! 

Explore our activities here.    

Bonding Through Activities

A lot of summer camp activities require team-building and trust — two essential components to building not only summer camp friendships but lifelong friendships. Whether it’s a bonfire on our private beach, one of our themed dances or the sudden outbreak of songs being sung in the dining hall, every day at Cody we encourage individual exploration in order to create strong, life-long bonds between campers and the community we’ve built together.   

About Camp Cody

At Camp Cody, our philosophy is intertwined with everything we do. Our counselors are dedicated to making sure your child is at ease even while they’re away from home. We gently challenge them to step out of their comfort zone at their own pace and give them opportunities to share their feelings and join in on activities together.

We can’t wait to witness all the lifelong friendships that blossom at Camp Cody.

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