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5 Incredible Things That Start to Happen When You Spend a Summer at Camp Cody

Camp Cody Team 08/27/2021


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As many campers already know, summers at Camp Cody offer so much more than your average sleepaway camp. While campers can expect to have all the traditional summer camp experiences, they will notice some incredible changes start to happen in themselves. Campers gain tools they can bring with them into all aspects of life, from mindfulness and self-care to leadership. And perhaps the most important thing campers can carry with them from Camp Cody are lifelong friendships. 

While many campers may not even notice all of the life skills and experiences they are gaining, here’s what your camper can expect from their time at Camp Cody:

Gain Confidence

At Camp Cody, we encourage all campers to challenge themselves and try something new every day. The best way to grow as an individual is to break out of your comfort zone, which is why we offer amazing summer camp activities where campers can do just that. One of our primary goals is to continuously challenge campers with adventure and excitement. With positive reinforcement and perseverance campers ultimately gain incredible confidence to continue to take on all of the challenges and rewards sleepaway camp has to offer.

Decrease Stress and Anxiety

Did you know, studies show people who are around water are generally calmer and happier? With a stunning location directly on Lake Ossipee in New Hampshire, many of our activities such as sailing and SUPing revolve around the water. Campers are able to reap all of the benefits of the lake while staying active. Additional activities like yoga, reading, gardening, and creative and performing arts, are scheduled into the Camp Cody experience to ensure we can offer opportunities to decrease stress and anxiety to all campers, no matter where their interests lie. 

Be Independent

Sleepaway camp is often the first opportunity for campers to spend time away from home. Taking that initial step is a big leap and is just the beginning. Time away from home teaches kids important decision making skills and the ability to think independently. Our team at Camp Cody is your partner in parenting, and we foster an environment designed to be a home away from home with the support system campers need as they navigate daily challenges and adventures independently. 

Be Part of a Team

As campers navigate the numerous activities and opportunities presented at Camp Cody they will discover much about themselves and about working and living with other campers. From structured sports to cabin chores, campers are expected to work together to accomplish common goals. 

Develop Leadership Skills

At Camp Cody, we are lucky enough to have some of the most amazing camp counselors join us every summer. Our campers often stay connected to Camp Cody for the rest of their lives and many continue to return as counselors. We hire counselors who are role models, dedicated to instilling confidence in our campers, and who exhibit leadership qualities to inspire. We also have one of the best camper-to-staff ratios of any camp in the country with 200 counselors for every 400 campers so we are able to provide personalized attention to each camper. Our Camp Cody community is made possible by the leadership of our counselors and the campers who they inspire to join us some day as leaders themselves.

Campers are not just instructed by great leaders, they also develop amazing leadership skills themselves. Through our numerous structured team activities like lacrosse, baseball, basketball and hockey, campers are given the opportunity to build the skills needed to lead a team. For all campers not interested in the team sport activities we offer, leadership opportunities exist in daily camp life and our counselors empower our campers to develop the skills they can use to lead their bunk mates and some day lead an organization. 

Form New Summer Camp Friendships

Summer camp and friendships go hand in hand. Campers join us at Camp Cody oftentimes knowing very few other campers. In advance of camp we connect with campers’ families to learn more about each child’s individual background and needs. As a result we can provide an exceptional experience for each camper. From scheduling meal and travel seating, to hand-picking the cabin community each child is part of, every aspect of the experience at Camp Cody is thoughtfully crafted to provide campers with the opportunity to grow as individuals and make new friends. This cohesive and supportive camp community creates an environment that fosters summer camp friendships. 

Camp Cody is so much more than just your average summer camp. Our camp philosophy teaches campers the importance of life-long skills and lessons and they will start to experience incredible changes in themselves like increased confidence, independence, team-building and leadership skills and decreased stress and anxiety. The experiences at Camp Cody empower campers to develop life skills they can carry with them long after they leave the beautiful shores of Lake Ossipee.

Learn more about the skills and experiences campers experience with Camp Cody by taking a Virtual Tour, checking out our Interactive Day-in-the-life Video, or getting in touch today!


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