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10 Perks of Becoming a Camp Counselor

Camp Cody Team 10/05/2021

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Summer camp jobs are some of the most fun (and are a great way for teens and young adults to earn some extra income during school break).

If you’ve ever considered working as a summer camp counselor but have yet to make the decision, we’re here to help. Read on to learn about some of the benefits summer camp counselors experience that might help you make up your mind in time for next summer.

Perks For Summer Camp Counselors

Summer camp counselors experience the best balance of work and play. These are just a handful of the unique perks of this seasonal position:

1. Develop leadership skills

Summer camp counselors learn what it takes to be a leader. From organizing activities and ensuring your campers make their schedule to solving interpersonal conflicts, this position empowers you to become a leader and hone these skills that are also valuable in life.

2. Mentor children

As a summer camp counselor, you become a role model for campers. Mentoring kids of all ages is extremely rewarding as there’s no better feeling than positively impacting their time at camp.

3. Advance interpersonal abilities

Summer camp counselors are known for being high-energy and extremely engaging. But beyond this, they must also help campers overcome conflict. Through the ups and downs, counselors advance their intrapersonal skills that are essential for their future education and/or career.

4. Have fun while you work

Summer camp jobs often have the perfect balance of work and play. Though being a camp counselor is still a lot of work, you are also able to have fun with your campers and play every day.

5. Learn about yourself

Many summer camp counselors learn more about themselves during the season. As well as developing skills and being taught valuable lessons from other counselors and senior staff, there’s self-discovery along the way.

6. Gain confidence

After a summer spent taking on more responsibility and being a mentor, it’s no wonder that summer camp counselors gain confidence in their role.

7. Take a break from routine

School, sports, and playing video games – no matter what your routine may be, it’s good to take a break and hit the refresh button. Summer camp jobs are a great way to switch things up while still being productive (and making an income). Being immersed in nature also helps you take a healthy pause from screen time and enjoy the great outdoors alongside your campers.

8. Have a part in camp traditions

Many summer camp counselors were once campers themselves. As a counselor, you have a part in making summer camp memories with your group through traditions old and new.

9. Build your resume

Summer camp jobs help you develop important skills that also look good on your resume. Here are some tips for how to put your summer camp job on your resume!

10. Make life-long friends

Summer camp counselors make friends for life. Not only are you connecting with campers, staff, and parents, but there’s a comradery among the counselors that helps foster solid friendships.

Want to become a counselor at Camp Cody this summer? Check out who we hire and start your application today if you fit the criteria!


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