10 Questions Parents Should Ask About Camp

Camp Cody Team 04/04/2022

Choosing the right summer camp for your child is a big decision. There’s so much research to do and so many questions to ask. We’ve heard so many questions over the years—about our facilities, our staff, our activities, and our impact. We’re happy to answer any and all of your questions. You deserve to know, as a parent, everything to determine the best fit for your kid. Here are our suggestions for questions parents should ask about camps everywhere, including Camp Cody:

10 Questions To Ask About Camp

  1. Why should I send my child to your camp?

There are a lot of camps out there with plenty of different reasons for why you should send your kid to their camp. While it’s true that camp should be a fun place to spend the summer, it should also be a place of enrichment and growth for its campers. 

At Camp Cody, we want our campers to leave different from how they came. We encourage campers to try something new each day to build confidence. We offer activities like yoga and reading to overcome stress and anxiety. Sleep-away camp allows kids to learn independence. And through team sports like basketball and lacrosse, they can become leaders. Not to mention the many new friends they get to make and keep for a lifetime. It’s impossible to come here and not change!

2. How do you choose camp counselors and your staff?

All camps should be highly selective when choosing and training camp counselors and staff. Only the best people should work with your children. When we select staff at Camp Cody, we go through rigorous interviews. We check that everyone has qualified camp experience, good references, works well with children, and has any practical certifications necessary. Many of our own staffers are former campers and counselors themselves who have all the necessary skills and passion to lead your children well.

3. What activities do you offer?

Usually camps offer a range of activities along with some unique ones. Find a camp that has some activities you know your child will enjoy, but also offers some that will push them out of their comfort zone. Camp Cody offers things like music, crafts, and swimming that many campers love. But, we also offer scuba diving, gymnastics, rocketry, and other signature activities for an extra challenge. Make sure you ask camps about how you can choose activities or how the camp keeps the equipment and children safe.

4. What food will my camper eat/are there accommodations for my child with an allergy or restriction?

If camps feed your children, definitely make sure that they have healthy menus and resources for their cafes. Our camp sources many organic ingredients from local farmers, so we have fresh eggs, produce, meat, and dairy every day! We offer fresh fruit and salad at every meal. And, if your child has any dietary restrictions, make sure the camp can fully accommodate them. Sometimes kitchens carry high risk of cross contamination, but our kitchen can ensure your child will have a safe, healthy, and delicious meal every time. 

5. What will my child learn at camp?

Every camp teaches something. Some focus on building skills like sports or crafts, while others focus on soft skills like faith, leadership, etc. Camp Cody focuses on outdoor education. Our summer camp is situated in the beautiful white mountains of New Hampshire, which gives us plenty of opportunities to hike, swim, and explore nature. Through different activities, students learn about the plants and wildlife of the world around them. The outdoors have helped our students improve mental health, stimulate creativity, and more.

Every camp has philosophies, so make sure the values of the camp line up with your own.

6. What are the facilities like?

If you can, take a virtual or in person tour of the camps you’re considering. Make sure everything is up to date and safe for your camper.

7. How does the camp communicate with parents?

This might be one of the most important questions you should ask about camp. As a parent, you should have clear expectations and communication with the camp about events, updates, and more. And, you should be able to get in touch with the camp if the need arises.

We communicate heavily via email with our parents before, during, and after camp session ends. Should any emergencies arise with your child, we will call you to inform you about it. And of course, you can contact us via email or phone easily. Just remember that it’s important to give your camper some space while they’re away so they can enjoy their time. 

8. What are the safety protocols/are there nurses on site?

Especially given the constantly changing requirements of the past few years, this is one of the most timely questions to ask. Make sure you know the latest requirements, and what staff are available should your child need medical attention. 

9. What is tuition and how do I pay it?

Asking about finances is never easy, but you’re investing in the camp and your child’s well being. It’s important to know how much tuition is and what it covers. You should also find out if there are any cancellation/refund policies or surcharges. Make sure the camp you pick is a fair value for your budget.

10. Is there transportation or extended hours available?

Day camps requiring daily pick up and drop offs can be a commitment for any parent. If you choose an out of state camp, see if they offer pickup from an airport or bus/train station. This is an important question to ask for any parent!

With these questions and any others you come up with, you’ll be able to find out everything you need to know to decide where to send your child to camp. Camp Cody prides itself on being an amazing place for campers of all ages to spend their summer. They’ll have fun with activities like water skiing and soccer, build new skills like leadership and confidence, and create amazing friendships to last a lifetime.

We also pride ourselves on being open and transparent about our camp. So please reach out and ask Camp Cody any questions you may have! 


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