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5 Benefits of a Coed Summer Camp

Camp Cody Team 08/27/2020

Doing your research is the first step when it comes to looking for a coed summer camp for your child. You’ll come across camps geared toward certain ages, specific activities and sports, some may be overnight while others are day camps. One of the biggest questions parents have is, “Should I send my child to a coed summer camp?” This can be a difficult question to answer if you have no experience with summer camps. At Camp Cody, we encourage social interactions between boys and girls so they feel comfortable interacting with one another once they return home. Read on to learn some other excellent benefits of a coed summer camp.

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1. Kids Learn to Be Themselves Regardless of Who They’re Around

At summer camp, children learn to be the best versions of themselves and really come into their own. They become much more independent and venture off into new activities that challenge themselves mentally and physically. When they become independent in front of the opposite sex, they’re able to bring home their newfound sense of self home to their fellow peers and classmates. There is no sense of feeling reserved in front of the opposite sex as summer campers are taught to be themselves around everyone.

2. Respect for All

When kids are mingling during the summer, whether it’s during creative arts, sports or at the lunch table, they’ll be interacting with the opposite sex. Coed summer camp teaches kids how to respect one another regardless of gender. Since camp is also tech-free, they’re interacting without any distractions and spending the time getting to know each other.

3. Increased Self Confidence

One of the major benefits of coed camp is that kids are getting rid of their social anxiety around the opposite sex. As they boost their self confidence, they’re doing it surrounded by both girls and boys. This means when they go home, they’ll still feel that confidence around everyone. The activities at coed summer camp include both boys and girls so everyone is cheering each other on and being motivational. By engaging in sports and activities together, rooting for one another, and reaching a common goal, both boys and girls are gaining confidence.

4. No Stereotyping

When kids have limited interaction with the opposite sex, it can be challenging to counteract stereotyping. Having boys and girls interact at a younger age prevents them from stereotyping later in life. The increased social interaction shows kids that boys and girls are both capable of anything. We are all equals and with encouragement and self confidence, anything is possible.

5. Build Friendships with Everyone

At Camp Cody, many campers make friends in their bunk which means girls bond with each other and boys also build friendships. However, when kids are kayaking together, playing basketball or participating in another activity, they’ll be doing this in a coed environment. This means campers won’t just be making friends in the bunks but they’ll building friendships through their summer camp experiences. Coed summer camps allow kids the opportunity to make more friends with the opposite sex.

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