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How Kids Can Have the Best Sleepaway Camp Experience

Camp Cody Team 08/21/2020

Signing up to sleepaway camp for the first time is an exciting experience for both parents and kids, but it can also be quite nerve wracking as well. To ensure your child has the best summer camper experience possible you’ll want to make sure you keep an upbeat attitude during the weeks before camp. Your positivity will influence your little one greatly so make sure to discuss all the opportunities they’ll have once they’re at summer camp. Read on to learn some more tips and trick on how kids can have the best sleepaway camp experience possible.

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Keep an Open Mind

Talk to your child about keeping an open mind when entering camp. They should be open to meeting kids from different backgrounds, participating in ice breakers, and getting to know their bunk mates. If kids go into sleepaway camp not willing to give it a try, it’s going to be much more challenging for them to make friends and have new experiences.

Try Something New

Go through a list of activities offered at summer camp to see if any spark your child’s interests. Make sure there are a range of activities so your child can choose between a few. It’s important for kids to grow and learn at sleepaway camp and one of the best ways for that to happen is by diving into new sports and activities.

Not every activity has to be a physical one! While summer camps are known for waterfront activities such as kayaking and stand up paddleboarding along with field sports like flag football, some camps also provide arts and crafts, theatre, cooking, and woodworking.

Utilize the Camp Counselors

Camp counselors are fully prepared to help campers get settled in – after all, many of them were campers themselves! Talk to your child about the responsibilities of the camp counselors and how they’re a book of knowledge for summer camp. Your child should feel comfortable asking counselors anything and everything about camp. Counselors are also assigned to the cabins to make sure everyone is being safe, having fun, and getting along. Campers should use the camp counselors as a resource for all their summer camp needs.

Overpack for Sleepaway Camp

Your summer camp should send you over a list of what to pack so you and your child don’t need to stress. Overpack essential items with your child so they have nothing to worry about at camp. There’s nothing worse than going without a raincoat on a stormy day or having to reuse a wet swimsuit. Packing extra will go a long way especially when kids are getting their clothes dirty during the outdoor activities.

Join Camp Cody for an Unbelievable Summer

Our sleepaway camp is situated along the gorgeous Ossipee Lake in Freedom, NH. We offer a safe, nurturing environment for both boys and girls ages 7-16 with nurses on-site, a modern health center, and camp counselors living in the bunks with the campers. At Camp Cody, kids have plenty of support from the staff here which gives them a boost of confidence to try new things and break out of their shells. Not only are we one big family but we have created a sleepaway camp that is clique free so new campers are welcome with open arms.

There’s no shortage of activities for our campers at Camp Cody. In fact, we have an array of waterfront activities, along with land activities such as flag football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. For kids who want to unwind and get creative, our sleepaway camp also offers scrapbooking, crafts, cooking, dance and more.

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