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Why Choose a Co-Ed Summer Camp

Camp Cody Team 03/06/2023

There are so many different types of camps out there—day camps, overnight camps, specialized camps, girls-only or boys-only. But a type of camp that’s starting to lose popularity is co-ed summer camps. Many parents are questioning the value of mixed-gender camps, especially during such developmental years of their kids’ childhood. But these types of camps can teach important lessons to children and give them valuable life experiences. 

Co-Ed Summer Camps Reflect the Real World

One of the best co-ed summer camp benefits is that they are a depiction of the environment your child will experience for the rest of their lives. Your kids won’t be able to hide from other genders forever. Co-ed camp prepares your children for the demands of the real world in a nurturing, child-friendly environment. Camp Cody carefully curates its program to be an integrated experience where boys and girls get to interact with each other in healthy, supervised ways. 

They Break Down Stereotypes

Especially in today’s day and age, gender equality is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. One of the greatest barriers to equality is stereotypes. Limited interactions between children of the opposite sex often lead to them forming broad generalizations in their minds about others. This usually comes from a lack of first-hand experience. 

One of the core values of Camp Cody is respecting others. We give the campers chances to encourage and listen to each other. Social interactions between boys and girls give them chances to make their own conclusions and build equal amounts of respect between the sexes. And since our camp is a device-free zone, there are no pressures or influences of social media to skew their relationship development.

They Build Relationships & Communication

Many adults will testify to the fact that they have trouble talking to and understanding the opposite sex, or even being friends with them. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? Camps are a great place for kids to learn how to talk to and be friends with people from all backgrounds, especially between the sexes.

Many friendships start by finding common ground. Campers at Cody often pick activities to try, which gives them the chance to find others of the opposite sex who like the same things as them. We encourage them to sit with others at lunch and talk, so they can see how alike they are. These opportunities help kids to develop dependability, trustworthiness, and cooperation. Some camp friendships can last a lifetime!

They Instill Self-Confidence and Responsibility

Camp is especially helpful for shy kids who struggle to come out of their shells. Co-ed camp focuses on stripping back social anxiety around the opposite sex and helping children to feel comfortable around each other. Camp is also a great place to learn how to set boundaries with others and respect them. By spending supervised time together, they’ll work through their differences and become more confident around the other sex, as well as in themselves and their capabilities.

Trying new things is a huge part of life at Camp Cody. One of the best co-ed camp activities is integrated sports, where boys and girls get to compete on the same field. They’ll get to enjoy activities that girls- or boys-only camps wouldn’t offer. But that also means not everything will go to plan. Sometimes they may not get along with others or do well in their activities. 

These opportunities teach them that conflict failure is a part of life and confidence is key to succeeding. It also provides a safe space and support for working through those difficulties with others of the same and opposite sex, and trusting each other. They will learn to take responsibility for their mistakes and encourage each other to be confident and try again.

Experience Camp Cody, a Co-Ed Camp in New Hampshire

At Camp Cody, a co-ed camp in NH, we work hard to make every camper feel like part of the Cody family. We do our best to make sure every child loves their time with us and gets to interact with all kinds of people—including those from the opposite sex and the opposite side of the world. Register for Cody so your child can enjoy one of the best co-ed camps in NH this year!

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