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Why Cody is the Best Overnight Summer Camp in New England

Camp Cody Team 04/08/2023

Choosing where to send your beloved child for a sleepaway summer camp in New England is no easy decision. You want to send them to a place that prioritizes safety, fun, and learning and has a staff full of trustworthy, caring leaders. Perhaps we can make the decision a bit easier for you.

Here are three reasons why we think Camp Cody is the best overnight summer camp in New England:

1. The Location

Camp Cody is the epitome of a New England summer camp. Our campus sits at the base of the majestic White Mountains of New Hampshire, on the shores of the pristine Ossipee Lake, surrounded by towering green forests. Not only does this make for beautiful scenery (sunsets on the lake are quite a sight to behold!), it also gives us the opportunity to offer a variety of fun outdoor activities for the kids, ranging from water sports to camping to hiking. 

Our location also puts us at the pinnacle of perfect weather. Mostly it stays sunny and temperate, warm enough for a swim but not too hot. In the chance of rain, we have cabins, dining halls, and other facility buildings prepped and ready to keep kids entertained.

2. Our Unique Activities

Our position as an overnight summer camp in New England gives us the opportunity to offer some unique activities alongside traditional camp ones. Since we’re next to a lake, campers can enjoy swimming along with waterskiing, tubing, kayaking, and even scuba diving! We’re one of the few camps in New England that offers this special activity.

Our several acres offer space for sports like soccer, baseball, and frisbee. But we also have the space for some more niche sports like golf and horseback riding. Camps closer to cities don’t usually have the luxury of wide open spaces for activities like this. The woodsy environment also allows our campers to enjoy activities like camping, wilderness survival skills, and outdoor cooking. 

We have some pretty unique indoor activities too, ranging from videography to woodworking to ceramics to jewelry design! Our instructors have professional machinery and tools to safely teach your kids how to do each of these specialized skill sets. By offering so many activities, campers get to practice something they love or learn something new for themselves.

3. Device-Free Zone

Camp Cody is an excellent overnight summer camp for many reasons, but especially because we focus on creating real-life relationships between campers and counselors alike. To do so, they need to be free of distractions, like cell phones and iPads. Unplugging allows the campers to fully embrace the people and environment around them. Our counselors are open and friendly and great at creating spaces for the kids to get to know each other well. 

This slower pace of life not only helps with relationships but with other soft skills, like increasing one’s attention span, patience, cooperation, and compassion. Many campers have said that they made lifelong friends at Cody because of this environment. The opportunities are truly limitless at Camp Cody.

Come to Camp Cody, the Best Sleepaway Camp in New England

We could go on about all the amazing things Cody has to offer you. But at the core of it all is our commitment to our campers and to you, their family. We work hard to make every camper feel like they belong here. Whether they are nervous about going to camp for the first time or feeling homesick despite being a veteran camper, we do our best to make sure every child loves their time with us. Sign up for Cody so your child can experience the best summer camp around!


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