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Choosing Day Camp vs. Overnight Camp in NH

Camp Cody Team 05/10/2023

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a camp for your child: how far away it is, what activities they offer, the price, the reviews…but perhaps the greatest factor is choosing between an overnight camp or a day camp. While sending your child to a sleepaway camp may seem a daunting task, there are actually several reasons why overnight camp is better than day camp. 

1. Developing Independence

Do you remember the first night you spent away from home? Regardless of where you were, it was probably an intimidating experience. Eventually you realized you were safe and settled in. But it was still a difficult transition. 

Though we don’t want to think about it, our children will have to go off into the world and be on their own one day. Giving them the emotional, practical, and mental skills and tools they will need for the future now will provide the best preparation possible for when that day comes.

At Camp Cody, our overnight camp in NH, we understand that many children are leaving home for the first time and we do everything we can to make this transition easier. They are not alone, but have a strong support system of counselors and cabin mates to help them. Once they step outside of their comfort zone, they start to develop a sense of independence and self-esteem. These skills will benefit them in all aspects of their lives, as children and adults.

2. Cost-Efficiency

It’s true, the best overnight camps tend to be more expensive than day camps. But the cost of overnight camps covers far more than day camps do. Day camps don’t cover three meals a day, for example. Most camps start after breakfast and finish before dinner, while some last only half a day and don’t provide any meals at all, only snacks. There’s also the cost of transportation. Some day camps have buses that take kids to and from certain stops, but otherwise, you’ll be responsible for picking them up and dropping them off each day. 

All those extra costs for time, food, and transportation can add up quickly for day camps, whereas overnight camps have everything included: meals, transportation to any off-campus adventures, and more. Overnight camps also usually have a wider range of activities to offer since campers are on site for a longer period of time. One of the things that makes Cody one of the best overnight camps in NH is that we offer 40 different activities including horseback riding and scuba diving! These extra perks make the cost of overnight camp well worth it.

3. Longer Time, Longer Impact

Day camps only have children away from home for a few hours, as opposed to the days, weeks, or even months that overnight camps can last. While this may be more convenient for the children, less time away means that they have less time to truly enjoy the many benefits of camp. A lot of camps don’t allow devices on-site, but your child can just escape back to them at night. Your child may make new friends at day camp, but they will last longer if they’re sharing a bunk or meals together—activities that encourage intimacy. And of course, they can enjoy the activities for longer. 

There’s also the convenience for you, the parent. Once you drop your child off at overnight camp, you’ll have time to yourself until you have to pick them up again. While it may seem like a while to be apart, we all need breaks sometimes to recharge and renew ourselves. The space between you and your child will only make your reunion that much sweeter. 

Experience Camp Cody, the Best Overnight Summer Camp

Camp Cody is proudly an overnight camp in NH, because we believe more time at camp is truly beneficial for campers and their families alike. We work hard to make every camper feel like part of the Cody family. We do our best to make sure every child loves their time with us, gets to interact with all kinds of people, and learns all kinds of life skills from independence to swimming. Register for Cody so your child can enjoy overnight camp this year!

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