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Essential Sleepaway Camp Guide for Parents

Camp Cody Team 08/19/2020

Although sleepaway camp is on hiatus this summer, many folks are already gearing up for summer 2021. If you’ve decided your child is finally ready for sleepaway camp but you have some anxiety about sending your child away for an extended period of time, we’ve created a helpful guide to put your mind at ease. With some advance planning and gaining a better understanding of how sleepaway camps in New Hampshire operate, rest assured you and your little one will be fully prepared for next summer!

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Stay Positive Before Sending Your Child to Sleepaway Camp

Panicking will only cause your child to feel anxious before they venture off to summer camp. Make a list of why you chose to send your child to sleepaway camp in the first place. Check out reviews to calm your nerves and get to know the camp so you feel confident sending your child. Staying upbeat and positive will enhance your child’s summer camp experience. Keep in mind that a sleepaway camp is integral to child development as kids come back feeling confident, independent, and having gained a better sense of self.

New Hampshire sleepaway camps are recognized for their longevity, long-time camp traditions, strategically mapped out activities, safety, and camp counselor training. This is truly a safe environment where kids can discover themselves.

Do Your Research

Don’t be afraid to really dig deep when looking for the right sleepaway camp in New Hampshire. Along with checking out reviews, take a look at social media accounts so you can see what’s going on at camp. Browse the gallery, take a virtual tour and request a brochure of the camp.

Ask Plenty of Questions

Summer Camp Directors and staff are used to getting asked questions on a daily basis and they encourage it! Many staff members are parents so they understand that you’ll want to know every detail of summer camp. Before emailing or calling the camp, make a list of all the questions you have regardless of how silly you think they may be. Getting your questions answered is one of the biggest stress relievers. Also, the more you’re in touch with the camp the more comfortable you’ll feel with your child under their care.

Schedule a Visit with the Doctor Beforehand

Many sleepaway camps in New Hampshire require a physical before visiting camp. If your child is on medication you might need to get a refill, and visiting the doctor will also provide you with some reassurance that your kid is ready to go.

Enjoy Your Alone Time

Once your child leaves for sleepaway camp, it’s time to relax, kick back and enjoy your alone time. You’ve done the research, asked all the right questions, and familiarized yourself with the camp. Now is the time to recharge your batteries or dive into a project that you may have been too busy to start. With CPR certifications, life guards on duty, a nurse on location, tons of activities to choose from, and camp counselors available, there is nothing to worry about when your child is at the a New Hamshire sleepaway camp.

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Camp Cody is located in Freeedom, NH along the pristine Ossipee Lake. Campers enjoy a wide variety of activities from kayaking and canoeing to flag foot ball and cooking. We offer physical activities to get kids moving along with an assortment of arts and crafts so kids can tap into their creative side. Our NH sleepaway camp is also technology-free which means campers spend the summer without laptops, cell phones, and video games. Kids immerse themselves in nature and brush up on their listening skills as they won’t be distracted from messages and social media.

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