Larchmont, NY

Connection to Camp

6 Years • Cody Camper


To me, Camp Cody means escaping from reality. It means you can eliminate the stress life pours on you for a short period of time, new experiences and tons of friends. When I think about Camp Cody, the amazing and loving people that I’ve met over the past 6 years put the biggest smile on my face. One of the best experiences of my CIT program was meeting the campers in my sister cabin. It feels really good to be able to act as a role model to younger kids and to build meaning relationships with them. At the beginning of the summer I walked into their cabin not knowing any of them, and as soon as I sat down each and every one of them were so accepting and I instantly became so close with each of them.

As a CIT, I’ve learned not to take anything for granted. I’ve learned to wake up every morning with the intent to do something great and although things may not always go as planned, making the best of every situation is the way to live out life. These lessons I have learned at Cody will forever be with me even when I part from Camp. Camp Cody has been a huge contributor to who I am today and I will never forget what it has taught me about others and myself.