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What to Expect on the First Day of Summer Camp

Camp Cody Team 10/30/2020

The first day of summer camp is both exciting and nerve wracking but camp counselors are here to help kids and teens overcome their nerves. While many kids attend a day camp first, an overnight summer camp is a whole new experience. Spending time away from home, in a new area, sleeping in a different bed and being surrounded by kids from different cultures can seem overwhelming. However, overnight summer camp is an eye opening experience that promotes self growth and independence. Getting over the first day jitters is the hardest part but after this it’s smooth sailing.

Meet the Camp Counselors:  On the first day of summer camp kids will be introduced to camp counselors who will be guiding them through the entire first day. Counselors will go over all the summer camp rules and discuss expectations. They’ll walk kids through the ins and outs of summer camp including activities and show them around the camp.

Bunk Assignment: Campers will be brought to their assigned cabin where they’ll settle in and unpack. This is a terrific opportunity for kids to get to meet others who are assigned in their bunk.

Ask Questions: The first day of overnight camp is all about getting acclimated so kids are encouraged to ask plenty of questions. There are no dumb questions! Many campers are new and will be just as eager to get everything clarified.

Ice Breakers: Kids will participate in a series of ice breakers so they can get to know each other. These are fun games that ease everyone into camp and encourage bonding in the bunks.

Get a Schedule: Find out how each day will be handled at summer camp. Campers will learn about wake up, bed time, breakfast, lunch and dinner along with their activity times and how many activities will be in a day.

Relax and Socialize: Day one is all about unwinding and adjusting to camp life. Kids shouldn’t be rushed into doing activities, rather, they should be mingling and exploring their new home away from home.

Join Us at Camp Cody

Camp Cody is located in Freedom, NH along beautiful Lake Ossipee. Campers are introduced to a warm and inviting atmosphere where they learn new skills like kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, tennis, and so much more. We offer a wide variety of activities ranging from sports such as basketball to sailing to arts and crafts so campers are always building new skills. Camp counselors have been fully trained and continue to return year after year which helps to deepen their relationships with returning campers. Along with this, we have a nurse onsite who is able to tend to any medical emergency.

When it comes to food and nutrition at camp we offer nutritious options that are also incredibly delicious! Our staff is also fully aware of food allergies so our chefs are always happy to accommodate kids with nut allergies, gluten allergies, and kids who are vegan and vegetarian. Food at Camp Cody includes a full salad and sandwich bar along with snacks in between meals.

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