Bus to Camp

The majority of Cody campers are not from the local area, but are not so far that they would fly. It can be a several hour drive to Cody and parents do not always have the time to make these trips. Instead, some choose to send their camper to Cody via our private Cody Camper Coach Bus!

General Information

We offer optional Coach bus service to camp leaving from Yonkers NY, Fairfield CT and New Haven CT.

Our Coach buses are driven by a professional driver. You may reserve a space for your camper(s) when registering online and/or completing the Travel Form located in your Parent Account. The Coach Bus service to or from camp is $200 round trip and $150 one-way. Please keep in mind:

  • When traveling to camp via bus, hand baggage is limited to one small backpack. All other baggage will be placed in the bus cargo hold.
  • If someone other than a parent is picking up a child, you must notify our office in advance.
  • If there is a change of plans on the driving day, please call the office or Jess directly at (603) 539-4497 or email

Pickup Locations

Sunday pickups occur on June 25th, July 9th, July 23rd and August 6th.

Yonkers, NY7 a.m. departure from Stew Leonard's Store
Fairfield, CT8:15 a.m. departure from McDonalds' on I-95, Exit 22 Northbound
New Haven, CT9 a.m. departure from Long Wharf Pier on I-95, Exit 46 Northbound

After New Haven, the Coach Bus will stop for lunch. The bus will arrive at Camp Cody by 2 p.m. Upon arrival, our staff members will call families to confirm our arrival.

Drop-Off Locations

Saturday drop-offs occur on July 8th, July 22nd, August 5th and August 19th.

New Haven, CT2 p.m. arrival at Long Wharf Theatre on I-95, Exit 46 Northbound
Fairfield, CT3 p.m. arrival at McDonalds' on I-95, Exit 22 Southbound
Yonkers, NY4:30 p.m. drop-off at the Stew Leonard's Store