Another Amazing Summer

Posted by philipross on 9/3/2014

An amazing summer on the shores of Lake Ossipee has come to a close. We ended as we began, with an outstanding last 2-weeks!

All of our regular activities ran with fun and instruction, including our 2 new Gaga Pits, and the popular Wibit Waterpark. The last 2-weeks also had great evening programs, our traditional and awesome Green and Grey Color War, and a great all-day trip to Funtown Splashtown!

Finally, on Saturday morning the bugle sounded “reveille” for the last time, waking sleepy campers and counselors for their last day at camp. Around the bleachers, in front of the Admin Building and Dining Room, there were groups of campers and counselors talking and hugging as they said their sad farewells.

Summer camp takes place in the great outdoors, an environment so different from home and school. With clear water and sandy beaches, Cody’s Lake Ossipee setting is spectacular – something you already know. As a camper, being at Cody is about gaining independence, trying new things, learning important life-skills, having fun, and importantly, making friends. Cody in a one-of-a-kind social arena with a high concentration of “great people” along with the caring role models our staff are.

So, we’d like to say “thank you” to our campers for joining us this summer. We’d like to thank our Cody parents for giving the summer camp experience to their children, and for their faith and trust in having their children at Cody. Finally, we’d like to thank our awesome staff team. Whether cabin counselors, activity instructors, chefs, dishwashers, nurses, office staff, grounds, maintenance or housekeeping, they’re an outstanding group. Individually and combined, they are key to making the Cody experience a special one for our campers.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone back on the shores of Lake Ossipee next summer!

Philip Ross